About Maneuver

MANEUVER is one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies. We build, operate and scale hypergrowth health and wellness e-commerce brands. Our goal is to elevate quality of life with functional supplements. We aim to be a dominant force and make a dent in this industry in the coming years by disrupting the traditional ways health and wellness brands are built. We also plan to invest and offer advisory and consulting services in the space in the future to help other brands grow. In 2018 we started and bootstrapped a health e-commerce brand from zero and grew it to an annual revenue of over $100 million in just the first 4 years – more than doubling revenue every year. We have continued to grow at a rapid pace.

75x Growth In 4 Years.

As a company, we believe in the following values:

#1: Growth mindset:

At company, team and individual levels. Stretching out of our comfort zone is a regular occurrence as we continuously learn, apply and improve our skill sets and mindset.

#2: Being solution-focused:

As we grow, a big part of our job is to solve challenges so we can serve our market more effectively and efficiently. We expect challenges and we thrive on finding solutions to overcome them.

#3: Positivity wins:

We are proud of our positive and supportive culture that focuses on coaching and mentoring. Everyone is on a growth journey, so supporting others will help us grow collectively as well. If a fast-growing environment, good career progression & opportunities and supportive, friendly culture are important to you, we might be a great fit.

Bringing A-Players Together.

We invest heavily in training & mentoring our team members. Many of them have experienced tremendous growth in their career after stepping up & producing results.

Progression comes fast for those who are hungry & determined to succeed.

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