About Us

MANEUVER is one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies. We build, operate and scale hypergrowth health and wellness ecommerce brands. Our goal is to elevate quality of life with functional supplements.

We aim to be a dominant force and make a dent in this industry in the coming years by disrupting the traditional ways health and wellness brands are built. We also plan to invest and offer advisory and consulting services in this space in the future to help other brands grow.


Annual revenue achieved


Growth in revenue in 2022


Annual growth rate (CAGR)

In 2018 we started and bootstrapped a health ecommerce brand from zero and grew it to an annual revenue of over USD$126 million in just the first 4 years – more than doubling the revenue every year. We have continued to grow at a rapid pace.

At the end of 2022, we achieved more than 5,600% growth in revenue and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 126%. In addition to our own online store, we also expanded to other retail distribution channels such Amazon, where we are seeing explosive growth as well. This makes our brand one of the fastest growing health brands in the world.

The phenomenal growth in recent years has brought us 2 recognitions in 2023 – Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies by The Straits Times and Statista, as well as Asia-Pacific’s High Growth Companies by The Financial Times.

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This pace of growth is extremely rare in any industry, especially for a non-VC-backed company. This is a testament to our vision, our team and our data-driven scaling system.

Vision To Action




This pace of growth is extremely rare in any industry, especially for a non-VC-backed company. This is a testament to our vision, our team and our data-driven scaling system.

We believe in being a force for good, to create positive impact to the markets we operate in through our businesses. We broadly summarise our vision into 3 phases.

Phase 1

Prior to building our ecommerce health brand, we have built fast growing businesses and created positive impact by consulting, coaching, training and supporting many other Singapore SMEs to grow their businesses. A number of them became successful million-dollar businesses themselves.

As we were helping other businesses, we were accumulating capital that would allow us to move to Phase 2, without external investor funding.

Phase 2

During this phase, we strive to create a bigger positive impact by building scalable businesses that can impact bigger markets. Through our health and wellness ecommerce business we’ve been able to help more than 1.5 million customers improve their quality of life with our health products in just a few short years. And we continue to grow our impact as we grow our business.

While we have grown rapidly so far, we are still just at the beginning of our Phase 2 journey. We have much bigger ambition, to create a much bigger impact in our space. And through this journey of hypergrowth, we will also gain rare, hard-earned insights on building, operating and scaling brands that will equip us better to create an even bigger impact in Phase 3.

Phase 3

The goal of Phase 3 is to invest and impart. We plan to help other potentially high impact businesses to build and grow by investing in them and imparting our market-tested playbook, know-how, methodologies and practical insights that we have gotten from building and scaling our own businesses.

To a certain extent this will be us returning to our roots of helping other businesses, but at a higher level and bigger scale.

Our Leaders

Vision and systems are only as good as the team who runs them. So at the core of our business, it’s the people that fuels our vision with purposeful action and propels our systems towards innovation and growth.


Chapman has achieved milestones with Maneuver through a grounded and pragmatic approach. Since 2015, he has been a consistent presence within the organisation, playing a part in our journey to become a dominant brand in the world of business.

From his very first day, Chapman’s dedication and loyalty to Maneuver has remained. What sets his journey apart is his entry into the business and marketing space without any formal education or training. But with guidance, he took on multiple roles simultaneously, acquiring a diverse range of skills and mindsets along the way. In 2018, Chapman became an important part of our leadership team, spearheading Maneuver's first e-commerce health project to over 9-figures in revenue by 2022.

Today, Chapman plays an active role in developing our projects. His adaptability has allowed him to assume roles as an executor, manager, and leader across product, marketing, and operations teams. This flexibility has proven useful in overcoming challenges and driving Maneuver’s wins.

At the core of Chapman’s enjoyment at work lies his belief in the power of working with the right people. He knows that when talented individuals come together to pursue meaningful work, magic happens. Chapman also embraces the long-term grind, understanding that worthwhile challenges are essential for personal growth and a fulfilling life. He also appreciates the compounding effect of our daily actions. He understands that each value we create every day contributes to the progress made yesterday. Witnessing the remarkable journey we have embarked upon, he takes pride in how far we have come in recent years.


Jason’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 14 when he engaged in selling in-game currencies and services. This hobby led him to intern at a startup accelerator at 18, where he gained exposure to Lean Startup methodologies, fundraising, and finding product-market fit.

With the rise of Facebook as a dominant social network, Jason delved into digital marketing, writing numerous blog posts, attending conferences, and offering marketing consultancy to startups and small businesses. After seven years in the field, Jason decided to build his own agency but faced initial failures when attempting to generate leads for the insurance industry. This experience humbled him and drove him to become a dedicated student of marketing, focusing on fundamental principles that were both timeless and transferrable.

In April 2022, Jason joined Maneuver, attracted by the company’s long-term vision, ambitious team, and track record of success achieved in a relatively short time. Jason is responsible for driving growth through strategic marketing initiatives. His deep interest in marketing principles, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, continues to drive his passion and commitment to his work.


Joel started his career in sales and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) training before becoming a copywriting apprentice at Maneuver in 2015. Since then, he’s been a lifelong student of psychology, profiling & direct response. He specialises in capital generation, identifying new markets and opportunities, developing effective ad frameworks, and rapidly scaling products from $0 to scale.

Joel has been one of the key members at Maneuver since the beginning. He has helped run the direct response training, written new controls to revive training offers, and sold high-ticket consulting offers of $1.8M per year. His current focus lies in assembling high-performing teams, bringing together committed A* players to grow the business further.