Building long-term & fast scaling brands requires great people.

We are a diverse bunch of people with various skill sets focused on growing a bootstrapped 9‑figure e‑commerce brand. As we scale, we aim to own multiple brands. We believe in surrounding ourselves with like‑minded people who lift us up and constantly challenge us to be better in positive ways. We work on projects we believe in, with the people who believe in us.

What team members say about us.

“I appreciate the team’s support when I’m going through challenges. I love how everyone is connected and works together to achieve bigger things. I’ve also learnt to identify the important priorities to work on so that time is not wasted.”


“Since joining Maneuver, I have been empowered to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role. It is great to feel appreciated for your contributions, I also like the encouragement to put forward my views and ideas. Here in Maneuver, everyone works together and wants to see each other succeed just as much as they want to personally.”


“As a finance executive, I was able to improve and gain more knowledge in terms of accounting and be exposed to different countries' taxes. And for personal development, I’ve learnt to remain calm and composed under stressful situations and that has helped me a lot. Maneuver has a young team. Everyone is nice, friendly and will help each other out. The organisation also provides opportunities to grow with the company.”

Bee Yean

“Having been with the company for a while, I can say that Maneuver's culture is one of a kind - I'm speaking from a perspective where I had mostly traditional local companies experience prior.

If I had not joined Maneuver, I wouldn't imagine such a culture exists. Not everyone would be naturally adapted to an open communication culture, but I believe with time and the right mindset, most will be able to. In my time in Maneuver, I benefited most in upgrading my communication skills, as most of us here make significant effort to ensure clarity in tasks.

Although it's still far from perfect, I think it has improved quite a lot since I first joined. Practising good communication daily eventually upgrades one's skills subconsciously and I think that having a relatively good/healthy environment is essential for that. And Maneuver has it.

This has allowed me to collaborate more effectively with others, without having to do too many conversation exchanges, which saves time and frustration - they say time is gold.

I think I really appreciate Maneuver's dedication to treating its employees well, and putting in additional consideration for each and every employee. Not every Company does that, even when they have the resources. Many people resist incorporating work into life but I do believe that somehow they have to go hand in hand as we spend most of our time in work, so to upgrade your life, you have to first learn something useful which can be attained concurrently while working - to add on, it comes at little to no cost.”


“The most beneficial thing I have learned in my time in Maneuver is to evaluate the situation and align with the team before execution. This learning has helped me to make good judgments, be more efficient in terms of handling priorities, and make sure that all important matters are dealt with in the best way possible.

If there’s one most important way I’ve developed in my time at Maneuver that would be my collaboration skills. As a remote member of the team, I sometimes face difficulties with this. But here in Maneuver, I learned to adapt and cooperate with my teammates more especially when you share a common goal. Each member of the team is supportive and gives advice when needed.

What I love most about Maneuver is that you are surrounded by amazing people. Every day it’s different. You get to learn from each one of them even just by reading through message threads, participating in huddles, and quick catch-ups; there's always something new to learn.

Here at Maneuver I really appreciate that they give value to learning. How much they support each team member to reach their potential. They don’t just focus on the results but they also ensure that members are guided accordingly to be the best. Thanks, Maneuver! ”


“The biggest life-changing lesson Maneuver taught me is: We have complete control of our minds. We choose how we want to feel about certain situations & how we react to those situations.

This has been a game-changer for me – at work and in my personal life. Whenever I get stressed or overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, I just simply have to take a step back and ask myself: “Is it really impossible to do? What can I do to make it more manageable? What resources can I refer to for help? Who can I talk to on the team that can give me insights? How can I improve my knowledge/skills to better accomplish the task?"

And after going through this ‘mental reconfiguration’, I’m able to complete all the tasks efficiently and meet all the deadlines. This nifty skill has allowed me to help my friends and loved ones as well. Whenever they’re going through a tough time, I use this ‘reconfiguration’ approach to help them work through their issues and gain clarity on how best to move forward.

It feels amazing to see the skills I learnt from Maneuver can also help my loved ones improve the quality of their lives. To me, Maneuver taught me so much more than how to write a copy that rakes in millions of dollars (A skill that I’ll forever be grateful for). It also taught me how to be a better & stronger version of myself.

I used to be someone who's ruled by my emotions. Whenever some bad thing happened in my life, I'd feel broken up about it and take a long time to get back to a stable emotional state. But now? I can safely say I'm in complete control of my emotions. Very little things faze me and even when I do feel sad/angry... I'm able to snap out of it quickly by 'reconfiguring' my mind. That’s what I love about Maneuver.

Working here is the best self-development program you’ll find. You’ll become more resilient, innovative, skilled, tenacious… and the list goes on. The best part? You’re never alone. Here at Maneuver, we all have each other’s backs unconditionally. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been here 1 month or 7 years, the team will support you. No questions asked.

Honestly? It was only after speaking to so many friends who are working in other companies with tons of backstabbing, power struggles and gossiping… That I realised how rare and special having a truly supportive environment like Maneuver is. A team where people look out for each other like family. This is my first full-time job — I started at Maneuver in August 2015 (A day right after my NUS graduation). And the “family culture” is one of the biggest reasons why I’ve stayed till this day. Choosing to apply here was one of the best decisions I made in my life. ”


“Maneuver has helped develop my critical thinking skill and provided a platform for me to gain in-demand technical skill in the digital marketing domain. Given that the company is in the growth trajectory, it encourages problem solving and is able to support growth and accelerate career advancement in a short space of time. I love Maneuver for its positive culture that encourages improvement, and most of all working with like-minded teammates to conquer the world.”


“ I think what makes Maneuver special is that it brings together people who love doing what they do. We show up to work everyday with positivity and ambition. We have a big goal and we work together to achieve it.

We operate like a startup. We don't have swanky offices or do not waste energy on office politics. We don't have fancy job titles and do not waste time tinkering about promotions or career ladders. Instead, we look at the business and try to understand what the biggest problems are and tackle them. When the business does well, everyone benefits. When results are not good, we work together to solve them. I think this approach to work is refreshing and exciting.

From juniors to seniors and leaders, everyone plays an important role. Although juniors may be focused more on a narrower set of jobs, they can see the bigger picture. We embrace open communication and do our best to hold discussions in shared Slack channels and meetings where they can sit in the meeting. There are no closed doors (except meeting rooms) or boundaries.

Personally, I've learned to give things more time. As cliche as it sounds, Rome and other empires weren't built in a day (or a week or a month). So I've learned to be more patient with results while pushing ourselves to implement faster and better. I believe that if we take care of the work and necessary day-to-day, the results will take care of itself.”


“A valuable life lesson I’ve learnt from being here is to always strive to learn and progress through difficult times. It has helped me develop the ability to manage emotions, remain calm under pressure and handle conflicts better. ”


“The importance of focusing on the goals, staying clear from distractions, putting in the work consistently and thinking long-term has been the most beneficial learning for me over the years in Maneuver. This has given me a better understanding of what it takes to achieve BIG goals – consistent effort and focus throughout long time-frames (years or even decades).

I love the no drama and politics culture, having peers that are easy to work with, being encouraged to think long-term and have a growth-mindset, and a lot of opportunities to grow (of course, we gotta really want it, put in the work and work on ourselves too). ”

Jie Hui

“I learned problem-solving frameworks and more in-depth media buying analysis for critical decision-making on revenue growth projects under me. This skillset allowed me to accurately diagnose and come up with relevant solutions when I want to impact the profit and revenue of our e-commerce marketing. Taking in constructive feedback and doing the important work has helped me to develop these important skills. I love the growth mindset of this work place which has helped me improve my attitude towards work. The friendly team culture is also great as I feel comfortable and right at home here.”

Jing Da

“I've been with Maneuver since the start of 2020 and it's been a blast! Working in a startup type of environment can be challenging but very rewarding. It puts a person's mindset, grit and a multitude of skills to test – learning how to think long term, communicate effectively, be resourceful, take initiative to step up and out of comfort zone, adopt a growth and problem solving mindset are a few of the many things that have benefited me tremendously both in my work and personal life.

Although our team is lean, we are a diverse bunch. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work on different projects, meet people of various backgrounds and cultures (people I can now call my work family), and to continuously challenge and improve myself.

I also appreciate the practice of open communication and sharing of perspectives (regardless of seniority). It has helped to create a positive environment where we can focus on what's important and learn how to work better with each other. This is not to say that things are perfect and everyday is smooth sailing. That’s just not true for anything in life. Rather, it's a positive place for people who want to hone their skills, achieve big things and continuously grow and develop themselves.

There are many other teachings I appreciate as well. Things like – "it's okay to make mistakes but it's important to learn from them", "being truly open minded and understand that there's more to things even when you think you have tried and done a lot", "being consistent and doing the work", "being intentional", "providing value to others", "growth comes with discomfort", "learning never stops no matter how good you are" and the list goes on... I'm thankful to have started this journey and will continue to apply, improve and expand on the things I've learnt.”


“Maneuver's best-kept secret is that it has some of the best direct response copywriters and marketers in the region. Indeed, during my time here, I had to dismantle nearly everything I knew about direct response before -- and rebuild what I know now, thanks to the mentorship here.

Yet the biggest teacher you'll meet is not anyone at Maneuver - it's your customer. As any marketer knows, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words: you'll only know what the market likes by testing - which Maneuver does in heaps, with intention. Thoroughly hone your chops (and glean invaluable market insight) here - that's something companies with a more modest budget cannot offer.

Unsurprisingly, succeeding at a place of such speed and ambition requires hard work and sacrifice. Thankfully the folks at Maneuver - friendly, dependable and generous in spirit - make work life easier. ”

Kai Li

“Working in Maneuver has taught me that anything is possible when you have the right mindset and the right people. With that much growth we have managed to achieve over such a short period of time, this only proves that “the only limit we have is what we set upon ourselves”. Personal growth for me would be learning to be patient. I also love that we have a supportive team and we don’t give up when faced with challenges.”

Lim Ying

“While I came to Maneuver Marketing with prior copywriting experience, within 6 months of joining the team my marketing skills have grown by leaps and bounds.

Between brainstorming new hooks, creating new sales arguments, and fleshing out the structure and flow of an ad – the weekly coaching sessions and copy critiques have been a tremendous help in upgrading my skills.

The mindset and frameworks taught at Maneuver Marketing have not only improved the persuasiveness of my ads but my writing speed as well.

Instead of staring at a blinking cursor waiting for inspiration to strike, I’m now consistently producing 10+ long-form direct-response style ads week after week.

What’s more, as one of the few remote employees on the creative team, my co-workers have gone above and beyond to make sure I always feel included in the team's creative process.

Despite a 12-hour time difference, clear and timely communication along with flexible meeting times ensure I’m always in the loop.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with a group of growth & goal-oriented people – in an environment where you’ll be rewarded with opportunities for the effort you’re willing to put in – then Maneuver Marketing is the place for you! ”


“I joined Maneuver in probably one of the toughest periods (Covid-19) as a Project Coordinator. It is my first job and I was pumped with energy but was still nervous about how I will perform. The nervousness was out of the window at the end of the first day at work.

Looking back, I can definitely say that I have developed better skills in Project Management, communication and learnt how to prioritise the needle-moving projects while learning life lessons & paving my way to growth!

This has all been possible because of the colleagues & my mentors at Maneuver. All members are thoughtful and are focused to achieve bigger goals for our brand and take it to the next level while reaping the rewards which come with breaking milestones every year!

Being an expat and thousands of miles away from family, Maneuver has always had my back unconditionally and made me feel like I am home. So if you have the apt skills and are looking for a company where there is growth potential, a "family" culture with a long term vision then feel free to send us your resume. ”


“Working with Maneuver has brought me exciting challenges that I probably wouldn't have encountered anywhere else. I haven't been here for a long time, but the challenges and the working environment have allowed me to learn and grow in many areas, especially in eCommerce operations, issue management, and problem-solving practices.

It's great to work with and to be supported by a team that also values learning and effective problem-solving. Even when the challenges have higher stakes than what I was used to (e.g. impacting a hundred thousand dollars sales daily), I feel assured that we're working together to arrive at the best possible solution or plan of action, and no matter what the outcome, whether positive or negative, it'll be a learning experience.

Though the company has been achieving its goals, the tone of the leadership remains growth-oriented. And because the organisation is lean and quite young, there are many opportunities to contribute to this growth, bringing purpose and meaning to what I do everyday. ”


“An important thing I’ve learnt here is to always get clarity on my goal before executing, and to quantify the impact when feasible. This has helped me prioritise the highest impact/lowest hanging fruit tasks and maximise the value I can output from the same amount of time. Another key skill that I’ve picked up along the way is to always monitor priorities and to be adaptable. It has been very helpful in handling unexpected challenges on a daily basis.

I appreciate the company's long-term, strategic perspective to grow the business in the most evergreen way, that strives even during recession. It has benefited us as employees in both personal development and in remuneration. Also, the open culture – willing to try new things, and staying objective & keeping emotions at bay when things get challenging. ”

Ming Huat

“My team here always trusts and empowers me to try different methods, tools, and approaches while supporting me as they believe failure is the key to success. Seeing the team and myself succeed constantly motivates me to continuously step outside of my comfort zone and push myself to make a significant impact. As a result of that, I've been able to acquire new skills that allow me to handle challenges at work and strive towards bigger goals. Things I really appreciate: collaboration, rewards, recognition, transparent communication, trust, and flexibility.”


“Learning how to create persuasive content (ad copies and creatives) that helped scale the business is the most beneficial thing I got to learn from my time in Maneuver. It has helped me to be a more confident writer but that’s not all.

It makes my job even more fulfilling when I get to see so many people (over a million customers to date) benefiting from our products. It never fails to put a smile on my face when I know that what we do has impacted people positively.

Most of all, I wouldn't have made it this far without my Maneuver family, where everyone is so approachable and supportive of each other. There is no such thing as “You are on your own'' when you get stuck in a project. Never thought that I would be in a non-toxic and a 'no-drama' work culture, but here I am :)”


“Working at Maneuver has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a designer but as a marketer as well. It has broadened my perspective on what it means to be a designer. The leaders have a good balance of control and trust to let us explore, test and work on what we believe would be able to help the company grow. You'll always be challenged working here which makes it that much more interesting and fun. And the colleagues here? I've only got 1 word for them. FAMILY.”


“I joined the company in 2018 with almost no experience, but I am proud to have been part of building a $9 figure company from scratch.

It was only possible with all the continuous guidance and support by the management. We believe and work towards being better problem solvers everyday, which has helped me professionally and personally.

I am also proud of the team we are assembling together. I love seeing team members coming from diverse backgrounds and countries contributing to the company culture. Our team has built a supportive family-like culture, and members would look out for each other when someone is down.

It is an honour and privilege for me to be a part of a company that strives for excellence and has a very bold vision and persistence. We all work with a never give up attitude because of the culture and the support we have built.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the leaders and members for making this journey possible. I have had a fantastic experience growing together in the organisation. After joining the company, I was able to improve skills such as communication, project management, negotiation, critical thinking, team management, problem-solving, and many more. ”


Thinking of starting your journey with us?

Our process

Which position are you most excited about?

Check out our career opportunities and consider the best fit for you (check here). Be sure to understand the position – its responsibilities and what is required if you are selected. Every position and everyone in Maneuver matters. No matter what role you are in, know that your contributions matter every step of the way.

Do you relate to/align with who we are?

While we recognise that skills, experience and competency are important, culture fit is key for us as a company. This includes potential fit in areas like drive, values, mindset, attitude and work ethic. Understand who we are, what we do, how we operate, where we are headed and if you want to be a part of this, help us get to know you better.

We want to get to know you beyond your resume and qualifications!

It is important for us to get to know our potential work family. If you apply, be ready to fill up a questionnaire to help us to get to know you better. Be clear in your answers, provide context, share your views, elaborate where you can. Remember, we have not met before, we don’t know your story, your experiences, your abilities and we would love to know more if you’re willing to share.

Now, are you ready and do you have what it takes?

Depending on the position, you may be required to go through a skills assessment. This is where you can shine! Give your best, show us the best that you’ve got, demonstrate skills that will help showcase your abilities. We want to be blown away. Even better if you are able to help us learn something new. We believe that learning never stops and there is always something to learn from everyone despite age, seniority, gender or culture.

Help us get to know the real you and your story.

If you’re shortlisted for an interview (yay!) breatheee... You’ll be fine. Share your journey, your perspectives, the real strengths and weaknesses, the achievements and failures. Embrace them. We see all these as part of growth and things that made us who we are today. We understand that no one is perfect and we are not expecting perfect members. Provide context and examples, tell us the whys and the hows and help us understand your thought process.


Do our values resonate with yours?

Our leaders make it a point to speak to every likely candidate to make sure they’re a good cultural fit (culture is really important to us, and you’ll appreciate our selectiveness once you experience the results). Our values are the bedrock of our practices, and they drive our culture.

Our tips   lightbulb-icon

Be YOU throughout the whole process. We want to get to know the real you, not just hear what you think we want to hear. Forget about the formal interviews, rehearsing and saying things you think the interviewer wants to hear. (Of course, we’re not saying to wing it or not to put effort into it). Rather, we are saying, show us who you truly are.

Be open and communicate. We believe that for good working relationships or any relationships to go the distance, there has to be open and honest communication (with respect and professionalism in mind) – people can’t support if they don’t understand, and they won’t understand if they are not aware. Awareness is the first step. There are bound to be some setbacks at times. Be brave to speak up, and be open minded to receive what others have to say.

Show us your enthusiasm. Seriously, do your homework; find out more about us, the position that you're signing up for and come prepared!

Give us effort. If you are submitting work, we love to see effort. There’s nothing more unconvincing than receiving submissions that indicate a lack of effort. Or “NA” on every question lol.

Let’s talk, INTERVIEWS. To us, this is an opportunity for both the candidate and company to assess potential fit. So take the session to see if we can be a good fit for you by having a conversation with us and preparing questions. Be honest with yourself and with us. We understand that the job search process can be a long and tedious one for both the company and candidate. We hope that candidates can find the right environment for them and do the things they love. If you don’t think we are a good fit, let us know why, we are always looking to improve (no hard feelings, we promise). For individuals who believe in our vision and choose to join us, we hope to build long lasting relationships, grow and win together as a team.

Our Expectations

The Type Of Talent We're Looking To Work With

People who want to be in the top % of their field

Committed to mastery and becoming an expert. Someone who has enough clarity in what they want and is determined to be the best.


Long-term thinkers.

Our typical arrangement is anywhere between 3-5 years or more for you to develop core skills and gain a certain level of mastery. If you're looking for a short-term stint to learn and go, this is not for you. Only serious applicants will be considered.


No-drama professional talents

We strive to build a supportive and positive culture. As a company, we've worked hard to preserve this culture and have created a space that is safe to try, test and fail without judgement.

People who want to create something big

Our plans have been ambitious and every time we set a big goal, we buckle down and figure out a way to hit it. This has been done consistently over the years. Each goal, bigger than the next. You WILL be uncomfortable when such fast growth is expected. However if you manage to persevere, you will build a resilient mindset that can handle the toughest challenges.


Strong work ethic

While the days of working 12-14 hour days are behind us, many of our teammates put extra time into researching, learning and executing tests outside of the typical 8 hour work day. This has helped them rise quickly and take on lead roles in as fast as 6 months.